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Kirovets K-700 Pack v1.0

List of tractors: – K-700A transition model with a diesel engine YaMZ 240-V12; – K-700 “humpbacked” YaMZ diesel-turbo V8 238NB; – K-701 with diesel-240NM YaMZ turbo V12; – K-700A with diesel YMZ-turbo V8 238ND5;...

K-700 Kirovets 0

K-700 Kirovets V2.5 FS15

Tractor while moving exhibits traces of dust and leaves. Tractor has animations of moving parts, and the lighting itself. Exhaust dynamic. Credits: BM-Modding, SFM-Modding, Suleimann, xXMalleXx, Kiryukha, Adsumus DOWNLOAD ShareMods.com

Kirovets K-702 0

Kirovets K-702 v 2.0

Power 235 hp Speed 39 km / h. Lighting, working dashboard and mirrors, animation farmer hands, hand brake, rear view camera, tow hitch, dust from the wheels, leaves traces. Washable. Bucket capacity: 5000 l....