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Cherkaschina 0

Fs 15 Cherkaschina

Mod “Cherkaschina” for Farming Simulator 2015 – Meet the map “Cherkaschina” for Farming Simulator15. The aim of the conversion was to convey the atmosphere created by the beauty still respected Clondike for Farming 2011....

Eicher 2090 Turbo V 2 0

Eicher 2090 Turbo V 2.0

animatedVehicle motorized steerable drivable cylindered hirable aiTractor BunkerSiloCompacter honk indoorHud washable mountable doors selectable zylinderV2 turnOnVehicle ShiftableMass Credits: Orginal Modell von Giants Umbau des Models, neue Textur, Ingame: ST-modding DOWNLOAD ModsBase.com

ostalgiemap (2) 0

Ostalgie Map V 1.0

This map is based on the standard Westbridge Hills Final of Rapedito. What has changed: All animals and feed stores are located in the south. Wassermod installed. The BGA was umgestalltet to a second...