Wschodnia Dolina [East Valley] Map V1.0 FS2017


– 6 farms (in different styles)
– Cows
– Sheep
– Chickens
– Pigs
– 132 fields (purchased)
– 25 meadows (purchased)
– Biogas plant
– Purchase of Straw
– Sawmill
– 5 forests
– Polish Purchase Names
– 100 Lumps to collect
– Oats and Rye
– New Textures of Plowing and Crops
– Traffic (cars and pedestrians)
– Openable gates and gates (on the button)
– Lights in the garage (on the button)
– Real Sky
– Mud
– Chopped straw mod
– Slurry Mod (visible in the field)
– Lime Mod (visible in the field)
– Manure Mod (visible in the field)
– Terrain textures 360?
– Animated Animals (cats, dogs, birds, etc.)
– Map compatible with Season Mod
– Polish climate

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Modell: Rajot GPLAY
Idee / Konzept: Rajot GPLAY
Tester: Kacper, Lukasz, Jaroslaw, Kamil



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