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Barrel for transportation of water 6000 liters. step has been fixed, when hooked to the tractor footrest folds and unfolds. dirt textures were imposed fixed light. Washable Lighting Untraceable flying dust from the wheels....

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PTU 75 V1.0 FS17

Soviet-trailer. Price – 27.199 (on day 21). Washable. Shine. The tracks and the dust from the wheels. Capacity – 5500-8500. Author: Model: TYOMATY, DRONKLIM, Northern_Strike, polyakdemon, ANDREI1994, igorela21 DOWNLOAD

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CHMZAP-5212 V1.0

Price: 7500 Service: 15 Trailer Heavy CHMZAP-5212. Designed for the transport of oversized and heavy cargo vehicles on paved roads. Dust trails, lighting, tire deformation, the choice of colors, washable. Log clean. Author: Сredits:...