Category: Tippers


PTU 75 V1.0 FS17

Soviet-trailer. Price – 27.199 (on day 21). Washable. Shine. The tracks and the dust from the wheels. Capacity – 5500-8500. Author: Model: TYOMATY, DRONKLIM, Northern_Strike, polyakdemon, ANDREI1994, igorela21 DOWNLOAD


CHMZAP-5212 V1.0

Price: 7500 Service: 15 Trailer Heavy CHMZAP-5212. Designed for the transport of oversized and heavy cargo vehicles on paved roads. Dust trails, lighting, tire deformation, the choice of colors, washable. Log clean. Author: Сredits:...


Pts-12 V3.0 FS2017

– Leaves traces; – Flies the dust from the wheels; – Capacity: 25000 L; – Price: 42500; – Has two types of body (Borth with mesh and without) Author: Model: Norton, sergei1994, Dima Kostin,...