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I upgraded this trailer to fit 40000l better brakes 10 seconds to fill 10 seconds to empty now can also be refueled with liquid manure Author: GiantsMinor,Seb ebit by Xeiristeis DOWNLOAD

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Fliegl Gigant ASW 268 Manure V1.0.0.0

Edited and Fixed Specialization: attacherJoints lights workArea attachable animatedVehicle cylindered fillable fillVolume turnOnVehicle powerConsumer sprayer foldable manureSpreader rotorSpreader washable mountable Author: Model: AgriXl-Modding, GIANTS Texture: AgriXl-Modding, GIANTS & Jukka Script: GIANTS & Jukka Idea...

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Trailer Lyonnet Turbo 12 V1 FS2017

Price: 13.000 € Capacity: 12000 l Maintenance: 20 € / day Author: Model: SimulatorGAMES Texture: SimulatorGAMES Script: Pipich Idea / Concept: SimulatorGAMES Testing: Pipich Other: Pipich DOWNLOAD

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Trailer Demarest 13t V1

Prix: 11600 € Capacité: 13000 l Entretien: 20 € / jour Author: odèle: SimulatorGAMES Texture: SimulatorGAMES Script: Pipich Idée / Concept: SimulatorGAMES Testing: Pipich Autres: Pipich DOWNLOAD