Category: Plows

pln8-35 0

PLN9-35 V1.0 FS2017

Russian 8 harrow plough. Dirty, washable, animation… Suitable for K700/701 Conversion by Nuu5t1k. Author: Model: Brain Texture: Script: Idea / Concept: Testing: Other: Nuu5t1k DOWNLOAD

pln-6-35 0

PLN 6-35 V1.0 FS17

Russians old plow converted to the LS 17. Working width – 2.05 m Price -. 3750 (day 5). Animation. Washable. Author: Model, Script, Idea / Concept: FantOm_98 dimaks ANDREI1994 DOWNLOAD

pln-3-35--3 0

PLN 3-35 V 1.0 FS2017

Russians old plow. It was converted to the FS 17. Ideal aggregated with tractors MTZ and YUZM. But it works with other models. Animated, smoke, dirt, vashable. Author: Model, Script, Idea / Concept: FantOm_98,...

olt-slavonac-2x12 0

OLT Slavonac 2×12 V1.0

This plough is developed by OLT (Osijecka ljevaonica zeljeza i tvornica strojeva) in early 80’s.This plough has realistic ground animation. Author: Model: Nikola757 Texture: Nikola757 & Ilija Script: Nikola757 Idea / Concept: Nikola757 Testing:...

john-deere-2100-2 0

John Deere 2100 V1.1

Version 1.1 EN – powerConsumer correction – Wheels adjusted – Price adjusted and other details DE – powerConsumer Korrektur – Räder verstellt – Preisanpassung und andere Details FR – powerConsumer correction – Roues ajustées...