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Work RPM V1.2 FS17

Version 1.2 v1.2 -added increase RPM when tipping -added increase RPM when folding / unfolding implement / trailer -added increase RPM to combines tipping and folding / unfolding pipe -added increase RPM when moving...

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Work RPM V1.1 FS2017

Version 1.1 v1.1 -fixed slowning down vehicle when running with implement turned on Author: Model: Texture: Script: kenny456 / Xentro / Webby Idea / Concept: kenny456 Testing: Other: DOWNLOAD

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KIR-1.5M V1.0 FS2017

This mower – KIR-1.5M in FS17 – mows the tops of potatoes and beets. The price is 1 666 (per day 1). Washes. Clean log. Author: TYOMATY, ANDREI1994, Сергй Прилепский DOWNLOAD