Early Access version of Cattle and Crops is available on Steam


The ‘Cattle and Crops’ is a farming management simulation software. If you have the passion for driving tractors, you can make the most of your time and effort with the help of Early Access version v0.1.1.0. The game is being released on steam. You will get access to the game developed by community involvement. The developers will update the content and new features are added as per the feedback offered by players. Hence, the game will evolve and you will go through many interesting features.


Simulation – You can implement most efficient harvesting techniques with the help of detailed machinery.
Management – The farm management, animals and estate management can be done in a very efficient manner with the help of employees.
Vegetation – The plant growth and health are based on the ground conditions.
Weather – You can implement advanced farming strategies with the help of highly sophisticated weather forecast system.
Brands – The product is supported by the license partners
Multiplayer – You can conquer maps with the help of multiplayer mode
Modding support – The game functionality is optimized with the help of advanced cac mods, vehicles and maps.

Developed by passionate gamers – The game is developed by passionate gamers.

Model of development

early access version

The game is developed with the active involvement of the gamers. The customers, as well as the community, will participate in the growth of games.
Gamers can go through the existing titles and they can explore striking features. It is possible to buy the game or free games can be accessed instantly. While playing the game, it is possible to give feedback and participate in various kinds of discussions. Active gamers can contribute reviews and post screenshots as well.
As you go to the store page, you will be aware of the announcements. You will get access to new updates and the news shared from the source.

The release of Early Access version v0.1.1.0

early access version

The new version, Early Access version v0.1.1.0 will come with refined features. The suggestions and ideas shared by active gaming community are implemented. The bugs raised in previous versions are fixed by community developers so that there will be fluid gaming experience without any issues.
The new version comes with changes in various aspects such as management, weather forecast and other important options. As you go for the early access, you will be able to play the game to the full potential extent. You can download the game immediately and the game can be played in the current form. There will be access to the game even though the game moves to ‘full release’ from the ‘early access’.

If you are very much excited about playing the game, ‘Early Access version v0.1.1.0’ in its current state, you should buy the game. A handful of games are available in the early access mode. Early Access version v0.1.1.0 of ‘Cattle and Crops’ will give you great chance to play the game in its original condition.


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