Sosnovka Gold Addon V 4.0


Sosnovka addon on will give the default sosnovka map the following wool pallet collector
Fermenting silo (which is using the FabrikScript to get the proper output to work)
new animal are the pigs and rinder and the market to buy these from.
the farm has now got a new big wall all the way around it with black iron gates (the gates are all auto opening just wait for them to move and they will only operate from a vehicle.
sell place for animals also bale triggers on farm to convert to straw and manure grass silage.
storeage for straw grass silage chaff forage manure liquid manure.
convyer for woodchip.


pinguar, marhu



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  1. mark says:

    can anyone help?
    this shows up in the mods section of the menu, but when starting a new game it isn’t available to select? running on mac
    cheers for any help

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