Reck Magna Silage Spreader & Roewer Silage Plate


Reck Magna Silage spreader is a great tool for spreading chaff around to level it out. Choice of Color upon purchase and mouse controled. It is availible in 3 versions:

Original un edited (Must use Roewer Silage Plate)
Large version, Dyeable (Must use Roewer Silage Plate)
Extra Large version, Dyeable (Direct connect to a 3 point hitch)

Roewer Silage Plate can be used as a front or rear weight, silage plow or in combination with the Magna Silage Spreader. Choice of color upon purchase, Capacity is 10,000L. Availible in 2 versions:

Original un edited
Dyeable version


Reck Magna: BlackJack Jackaroo, Stefan Maurus, PurpleKnight Modding
Roewer Plate: BM Modding, fendt2000, rafftnix, PurpleKnight Modding



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