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Frisian March V1.7 Multifruit Fix FS17

Version 1.7 Multifruit fix Nun hab ich die Fehler der 1.7 beheben können. Neu ist – Multifruit mit Hopfen, Hafer und Roggen funktioniert jetzt richtig (Kann geerntet werden und hat richtige Texture) – Chopped...

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Beautiful landspace, Cows, Choppedstraw, Soil mod, Realistic mud, BGA, PDA, 1 Farm, 1 Village, 14 Fields, Manure storage Required mods 1.Terrain_And_Dirt_Control 2.ZZZ_ChoppedStraw 3.SoilManagement Author: aifik, Script: Tautvis DOWNLOAD – 328.4 MB

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GullFjell Map V3.0 FS2017

Description: Hello, and welcome at your new farm. In GullFjell: All the animals are centered on the main farm. You can find water for your animals at the small lake in your backyard. You...

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Oberhausen Map V0.8.1 FS17

Version 0.8.1 -Hof Komplett ÜBERARBEITET! -Kuhstall Fehler behoben -WindKraft Anlagen gesetzt. Author: Modell: RPL-Modding Textur: RPL-Modding, BlackSheep0521, Boje93, Johny94 Script: RPL-Modding Idee / Konzept: RPL-Modding Tester: happyfunny21, deltaplayz Sonstige: atze1978, nld-farmers DOWNLOAD

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Talberg Map V2.0 FS2017

version 2.0 – Forestry (new) – Tunnelsystem (New) – You now have 5 fields the others have to be bought (fixed) – missions are playable (fixed) – Fields defined (fixed) – yard silo (warehouse)...