Monthly Archive: January 2017

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Hauer 1400Kg V1.0.0.0 FS2017

Hauer 1400Kg Diffuse/Normal/Specular/Cube Map with lights and beamshader! Author: Model: The920Power, Toxic1708,STv-Modding Texture: The920Power, Toxic1708,STv-Modding Script: STv-Modding Idea / Concept: STv-Modding Testing:STv-Modding Other: STv-Modding ORGINAL DOWNLOAD

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John Deere 6030 Premium V1.0 FS17

Characteristics: -Full washable -MOVABLE The front axle -Motor Configuration [JD6630-130PS, JD6830-140PS, JD6930-155PS] Wheels configuration [Normal, Wide, Narrow, twin] -Ability To open, left door on the outside of the tractor -Dunklerer smoke -For Brought silence...